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Flow of work

FLOW OF WORK – Things you should know!

  • Read, Initial, and Sign your agreement. Turn that with your 50% deposit into the office.

  • Once agreement and deposit are received your project is placed on our calendar.

  • Our time frames are estimated. Our projects are outdoor projects and there are many variables that have to come together to keep the flow of work on time.

  • Prior to work a PRE-Construction meeting will be scheduled (depending on size and details of your project). Some meetings can be scheduled the same day the work begins.

  • Materials in catalogs and on websites can look different then they appear in person. We recommend that you go to the store to see materials for yourself and to confirm it’s what you like.

  • Make sure you understand the materials – Irregular means Irregular – natural stone varies in color, shapes, and sizes. A tumbled paver looks weathered and tumbled. Some stones have a texture on top…etc.

  • The point of the Pre-Construction meeting is to confirm where the project should lay and that we as a company and you as the customer are all on the same page.

  • If you have a particular spot that you DO NOT want your materials placed, we should be notified in advance.

  • Once work begins we ask that you are engaged with the project during business hours. You do not have to be present, but it helps everything move smoothly if you review the work and ask questions if you have any as the project is progressing.

  • There are No Warranties on plants/shrubs.

  • Unfortunately we cannot warranty plants. Once planted we can’t guarantee the maintenance after the fact.

  • If your project consists of moving existing plants/shrubs there is an additional charge and there is no guarantee/warranty on the lifespan of the plant/shrub.

  • Any changes you would like to make to the project should go directly to Steven and signed off on. In the event there is anything added to your project that is not on the original estimate will be invoiced in your final invoice.

  • Please schedule and be aware of final payment. If you will not be home or out of town when your project is completed you need to make arrangements to make your final payment. We accept credit cards with a 2.8% credit card fee.