Helpful Tips


ESTIMATES – Things you should know!

  • We offer 1 FREE estimate/site visit – Everyone making decisions on your project should try and be present during this meeting.
  • We usually anticipate 30 to 45 minutes for the estimate visit. Please make sure you can devote this time to our estimator and are not rushed.
  • Estimates are usually emailed to you within 2-5 business days. If you haven’t received your estimate by the 5th day we encourage you to call the office and check the email address.
  • Drawings and sketches are not included with estimates. Sometimes we will draw a “simple” sketch for some clarifications.
  • Additional Site visits are $85.00 and are paid when the appointment is scheduled. If you sign an agreement this is taken off your project total.
  • If you request a hand drawing to scale with your estimate that is $85.00 and must be paid prior to the email of your drawing.
  • We ask that you give our estimator a 10/15 minute window for arrival times on appointments. Anything later the estimator will call you directly.
  • Our office staff can make simple revisions to your estimate such as: stone changes, square footage changes, adding items or deleting items at NO cost.
  • Any coupons must be presented at the Estimating Appointment.
  • All estimates must be Re-Estimated after 30 days.
  • HOA – After receiving a signed agreement for your project, our office staff will assist in completing your HOA paperwork and getting the supported documents for you to turn in and get approval.